Epoxy floor coatings comparison





Product Type 100% Solids Resin-Based Epoxy Water-Based Epoxy Water-Based Epoxy Water-Based Epoxy
Product Thickness 10 mils (10 x more wear resistant) 2 Mils 2 Mils 2 Mils
Performance 11,000 PSI 800 PSI 380 PSI N/A
Durability LIFETIME N/A N/A N/A
Surface Preparation INCLUDED Not included Not included Not included
Decorative Fleck BAG SHAKER BAG BAG
Return To Use 1 DAY 3 DAYS 7 DAYS 3 DAYS
Finish bucket.pngMedium-High Gloss/Non-Porous/400% increased Light Reflectivity, Ease of Maintenance Flat/Porous (Holds Dirt) Flat/Porous (Holds Dirt) Flat/Porous (Holds Dirt)