Industrial Epoxy Coatings

Since 1986, EpoxyPRO, a Veteran Owned Company, has pioneered Industrial Expoxy Flooring coatings to preserve, protect, restore and beautify concrete floors. By delivering UNMATCHED technology innovations of specialty floor coating systems, from heavy manufacturing facility installations to residential garage floor coating applications, EpoxyPRO Industrial Grade Floor Coating Products & DIY Installation Kits are all you need for your One-And-Done maintenance free floor project.

Concrete Flooring Problem:

Unprotected concrete floor surfaces are porous and literally act like a sponge trapping dust, stains and absorbing liquid contaminates like oil, corrosive fluids such as battery acids, transmission fluids, power steering fluids, etc. This not only contaminates your concrete substrate but seeps deep beneath the concrete slab also contaminating the environment below the concrete surface causing a host of long-term environmental issues and concerns.

Industrial Epoxy Benefits

  • Maintenance Free Seamless Floor
  • Industrial Grade Floor Coatings
  • Food Grade Floor Coatings, USDA Approved
  • NO VOC’s Solvent Free 100% Epoxy solids with low to no odor
  • Chemical, Acid, Oil, and Salt Resistant
  • Slip Resistant
  • Easy to Clean Non-Porous High Gloss Finish
  • Up to 400% Increased Light Reflectivity
  • Affordable
  • 20+ year life span, under normal wear & tear
  • Easy to Apply

Industrial Epoxy Floor Solution:

EpoxyPro Industrial Grade Floor Coatings are ideal for heavy-manufacturing facilities, auto repair garages, manufacturing areas, aircraft hangars, and floors subject to intense heat, high volume motorized traffic, and where corrosive chemicals, fuel and standing water are present. Our coatings provide a non-porous protective shield that is 10,000 X compression strength per square inch (psi) (versus concrete 400 pounds (psi)) that prevents hazardous oils, acids, chemicals and other fluids from penetrating into the concrete substrate, therefore eliminating harmful contamination and unsightly staining. With an attractive high gloss finish our floor coating is tough enough for heavy manufacturing or the harshest industrial environments, yet beautiful enough for your home or office.

“Preventative floor maintenance is the cornerstone for concrete floor Preservation” ~ EpoxyPRO founder, John R Davis

EpoxyPRO Industrial Grade 100% Solids Epoxy Floor Coating Systems are specifically formulated for facilities such as: heavy manufacturing environments, recycling plants, warehouses, commercial venues, retail spaces, airplane hangers and parking structures. Just to name a few…

EpoxyPRO 100% Solids Epoxy Floor Coating Systems produce an attractive floor tough enough for the harshest industrial facilities. It dries and cures quickly so there is low down time; foot traffic in 12 hours and motorized vehicles in 24 hours or less. Resistant to high heat temputures, harsh chemical spills, fuels, and acids it has ZERO VOCs with little to no odor and a high-gloss finish that will increase the light reflectivity up to 400%.

Looking to take it aesthetically up a notch?

If you are currently using epoxy, concrete stains or overlays to achieve that stone like effect and you are looking for a durable, non-porous, and unique finish that business owners, home owners and interior designers will love then the EpoxyPRO Metallic Floor Coating Kit is what you’ve been searching for to easily and affordably protect and enhance any concrete floor. Renovate industrial, commercial, retail, restaurant, salon, spa, gyms, showrooms, residential, and many other spaces with a one-of-a-kind concrete floor transformation!

Industrial Epoxy Coatings Advantages


EpoxyPRO Industrial Grade & Food Grade Epoxy Floor Paint Coatings are superior to all solvent based and water-based paints that are less than 100% volume solids.

EpoxyPRO Floor Coatings are resin based 100% volume solids epoxy 5x thicker than all residential or commercial grade water-based and solvent based floor paints. EpoxyPRO provides 8-20 mils of self-leveling thickness per coat and uses a proprietary formula that is engineered for easy installation that requires no special skills or prior experience to apply and allows for 40% extended work time making it less stressful for the DIY home or business owner. 

Quality Industrial Epoxy Floors

EpoxyPro offer the highest quality of Industrial Grade or Food Grade epoxies for the most afforable price. EpoxyPRO 100% Solids Epoxy is a solvent free coating with ZERO (VOCs) Volatile Organic Compounds. Once mixed the two-component product forms an easy to apply 100% solids epoxy floor coating that has a non-toxic, high-gloss finish that provides an increased light reflectivity up to 400%, and little to no odor.

Durable Epoxy Industrial Paint

100% solids Industrial grade epoxy is often overlooked when it comes to resurfacing your home or office floors. Conventional flooring like carpet and wood are susceptible to staining and can easily succumb to scuffing, abrasion and/or moisture. Tile, wood and vinyl are all good choices when remodeling but what if you could create a look that’s unique and never needs replacing?

Tired of spilled drinks and food staining your floors?! NO WORRIES! Fortunately, cleaning is easier with EpoxyPRO your “One and Done” durable, non-porous-non-staining, chemical resistant, high gloss seamless floor system is easy to clean and Maintenance Free!

Now that you know all “ABOUT” our products it’s time to let your “Fun Floor Project” begin!

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